Wish Upon a Book


[Illustration note: A kindly old woman sits behind the counter of her cramped bookstore, surrounded by mountains of books on shelves reaching to the rafters.]

Welcome, my dear reader, to Wish Upon A Book!

I’ve got something just for you. Come and take a look!

Only one per customer, and every book is free.

But first I need a story – a new one, just for me!



[Illustration note: This textless spread is a close-up of the woman’s ear – we can see the side of her face, too; she’s listening intently, eager for the reader’s story.]



Fascinating! Mesmerising! Truly, I adored it!

Thank you for your splendid tale. I simply must reward it!

So here you go, dear reader: the perfect book for you.

Perhaps you’d like to open it and read a page or two?



[Illustration note: This textless spread shows the inside of the book – it’s completely blank. Best to show various pages to convey the point that they’re all blank.]



Ah, you’ve learned my secret: these baffling books are bare.

Of course they are! For how else could the wishes fit in there?

So tell me, what’s your fantasy? What’s your book of choice?

What’s the book that’s bound to make you revel and rejoice?



Would you like a cookbook filled with every single dish?

What about a singing songbook? Maybe that’s your wish?



Would you rather scratch-’n-sniff an almanac of smells?

Or maybe you like magic, so you’ll choose a book of spells?



Would you like a catalogue of enemies and friends?

Why not choose a story book that never ever ends?



What about a book to make you riches out of rags?

Or better yet, a joke book with a million billion gags?



Would you like a book containing every single fact?

Or fables full of morals, to teach you how to act?



Perhaps you have your own idea for something quite unique?

The time has come to make your wish, so close your eyes and speak:



[Illustration note: This textless spread is another close-up of the woman’s ear, similar to the first one. This time, while listening intently to the reader’s wish, she’s also holding her hand out towards the reader’s book, which is floating in the air, enveloped by sparkles emanating from her hand.]



Ahhh… the perfect book indeed. I knew you’d get it right.

I hope it brings you many years of wonder and delight.



And if someday you tire of it, the words shall fade away,

And you’ll come back to wish upon your book again. Hurray!



[This textless page is a close-up of the cover of the book. It’s glowing, or has a spotlight shining on it, looking amazing and inviting and altogether special.]

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