Vernon and the Musty Dusty Bookshop

Vernon liked to read.

He lived with his mother, father, two sisters, a dog and six cats inside a tiny house, right next door to The Musty Dusty Bookshop.

Although he was lucky enough to have his own bedroom with walls lined with bookshelves, his tiny house was always noisy, having so many people and animals living in it.

So Vernons favourite place to read had always been The Musty Dusty Bookshop.

Every day, Vernon would visit The Musty Dusty Bookshop and find his favourite spot to read. In a quiet corner, beneath a broken window, was the largest beanbag Vernon had ever seen.

He would wander the tired shelves looking for excitement, gently pick out a book then collapse into the warm embrace of the enormous beanbag. It was so large that all you could see were his feet, hands and head. Vernon loved this beanbag. He felt hidden.

Here, was where Vernon had his most wonderful escapades. Carefully opening his book, he would start to read.

And he would become….

Flash Vernon, skilful race car driver, driving his bright orange race car. Crowds of people would watch him streak down the track to always finish first!


Captain Vernon flying his spaceship among the stars, meeting weird aliens and having afternoon tea with them on the moon.


Vernon Skullfinder, adventurer extraordinaire, traipsing through jungles, exploring dark caves full of bats and discovering treasures of gold, bright green jewels and hot pink doughnuts.


Bubbles Vernon, deep sea diver, discovering enormous sharks, friendly whales and multi-coloured starfish. They would sit down on the sea bed and play cards and make jokes that they all laughed at.


Vernon the Magnificent performing magic on stage in front of all the Kings and Queens of the world. They would clap at his tricks and throw their crowns into the air to show their appreciation.

Eventually, it would become time for the Musty Dusty Bookshop to close. Vernon would gently close his book, say goodbye to his trusty beanbag and make his way home again.

He was never sad to leave, for he loved his crazy, noisy family, He would return home, knowing that there were always more adventures to discover in The Musty Dusty Bookshop tomorrow.

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