Tim’s Bookshop

Tim was just a young boy
Of very little height
Just a few years in age and
Rather short in sight

Tim lived at home
With mum and dad
A cat named Calvin,
And a dog called Sinbad

Tim’s most favourite place
In the whole of the world
Was a little bookshop
Where the road curled

His mum would take him
Once a week
To story time
It was such a treat.

Tim would sit and listen
To each and every book
Tim loved every minute
Every page was worth a look.

There was a little table
Where he could sit
Books all around him
A chair that was just the right fit

Authors came in
To sign their name
The workers ran around gathering books
They left with just a bit of fame

Paul he is the boss man
With his glasses on his head
He runs around the store all day
Does he ever go to bed?

When people come into the shop
Paul greets them all by name
They browse around and buy his books
They always leave with more than when they came

Beth is always working hard
She greets everyone with a grin
Nothing is too much trouble
For everyone it’s a win

Mum sits in the big cosy chair
Giving her books a sneak peep
Choosing one she would like to read
Hope she doesn’t fall asleep.

The books they were Tim’s favourite
So many on the wall
He could just sit and look all day
But he can’t possibly read them all

Which one to choose, it was so difficult
There were many he would like to get to know
Great covers all on show

Tim made new friends
He travelled far and wide
He always learnt new things
With every book he spied

Finally Tim has chosen his book
To the one he has bestowed this glory
Is about a caterpillar who eats too much
It will be a great bedtime story.

Posted in EWG Bookshop Competition Entries.