My Key

I’ve been given a key.

A magical, wonderful, skeleton key.

There are treasure chests all around, and my key unlocks them all.

Sometimes smoothly, with a neat ‘click’ – and out jumps a cat in marvellous millinery, or a ravenous caterpillar.

Other times the key rotates with ponderous effort, like the mechanism is rusty. From these chests creatures emerge and form more slowly, revealing themselves in time.

With a mere turn of my key I can cure my confusion or eliminate my ennui.

The place I love best of all to take my key is here.

It is warm and there’s a hush of quiet.

The walls are lined with shelves.

The shelves are filled with chests.

The chests hold mysterious jewels awaiting discovery.

And sometimes, if I’m lucky, a treasure chest becomes mine.

I bring it home, to my room, where my own shelves are lined with chests.

I spend time with my new treasure. I delve into the contents. I discover amazing new things.

Thank you for my key.

I wonder what treasure I’ll open next.

Posted in EWG Bookshop Competition Entries.