Derek and Rosie

Derek is a book.

He lives on the very top shelf of a dusty bookcase, in a dusty old bookshop, just waiting for someone to pick him up, take him home and read him again and again.

Every day he watches as people come into the shop, browse the shelves, and pick other books to take home.

“Why does no-one ever pick me?” cries Derek as the shop closes for another day.
“You’re too old and dusty!” replies one book, rudely.
“You’re just a kids book about a little girl, who wants to read that?” replies another.
“And you’re on the top shelf, no-one ever looks up there” replies a third.

Derek sighs, and a single tear runs down his spine. He feels like he will just stay on his shelf forever, and no-one will ever read his story.

“I must get myself noticed” thinks Derek as he settles down for the night. Around him, the other books were sleeping, their pages rustling as they snored quietly.

The next morning the shop opens and customers start to come in. Soon, a lady walks below Derek’s shelf.
Derek rustles his pages, trying to get noticed, but he only manages to shake dust from his cover onto the lady, making her sneeze.

Not long after, a man walks below his shelf. Derek jumps up and down, trying to get noticed, and in doing so he topples over with a thud! The man looks up, but all he sees is a dusty old book that no-one wants to read. He wanders off shaking his head.
Derek picks himself up, and dusts himself off. “I’m never going to get read”, he cries.

The shop is very quiet for the rest of the day, and no-one comes near Derek’s shelf. Just before the shop is about to close, Derek hears the shop bell ring. He looks up and sees a young girl and her parents walk into the shop. The young girl wanders over towards Derek’s shelf.

“Perfect”, Derek says to himself, “she’ll definitely want to read me”.
Derek takes a deep breath and throws himself onto the floor.

The young girl looks around to see what the noise was and sees Derek lying on the floor. She picks him up and dusts him off. “D-er-ek an-d R-o-sie” she reads slowly. “That’s my name!”

“Rosie” calls her father, “Time to go.”
Rosie runs to her daddy waving Derek in the air. “Please can we buy this book, daddy” she begs “Please, please!”

At bedtime, Rosie and her daddy read Derek for the very first time. Rosie tells Derek that he is the best story ever, and promises to read him every day for the rest of her life. She snuggles under her covers with a big smile on her face, clutching Derek tightly to her chest.

That night, Derek & Rosie both fall asleep the happiest they have ever been, already dreaming of the wonderful adventures they will have together.

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