Cedrick Steele and the Great Bookshop Rescue

p 4

Cedrick Steele was nine years old.

He lived above a shop that sold


pp 5-6

books, bookmarks and stationery.

Days were happy and didn’t vary

until one quiet Sunday

when robbers decided to prey


p 7

on clever young Cedrick’s home

snatching and snaffling both poem and tome.


p 8

Young Cedrick wasn’t having this,

‘No-one’s ruining my reading bliss,’


pp 9-10

He might have been only nine,

but Ced knew he’d be just fine

for Ced had read a thing or two

and knew exactly what to do.

Baddies could try for a cash advance

but they simply didn’t stand a chance.


Ced called up his friends, and the cops.


pp 11-12

Friends soon came out of their shops

and waited outside for Cedrick’s sign.


pp 13-14      ‘

This should do it, Byzantine, fishing line

and just a touch of Frankenstein,’

said Ced as he donned his mask

and began the intricate task


pp 15-16

of booby trapping the family shop

‘I’ll strike while they’re on the hop’.


pp 17-18

Our young hero wasted no time,

threading books and things on the fishing line,

setting up with  pulley and lever.

Yes, Ced could be quite the deceiver.



Who-oop! Who-oop! Who-oop! Went the alarm.

‘Hurry,’ said one. ‘or we’ll come to harm.

Brinngg  CRASH went the register drawer

One robber now lay on the floor.


Pp 21-22

His mate shook him, but had no luck,

He got up to run then had to duck

As chairs and books swung toward him,

He was lucky not to lose a limb.


p 23

Then from a box behind a tall bookshelf

Rose the masked head of Cedrick Steele himself.

‘Grr Get out grr!’ growled the monster,

‘Your thieving ways I won’t sponsor!’


p 24

‘Let’s go,’ said a robber grabbing his mate by the collar.


p 25

‘Ready. Now!’ young Cedrick did holler.


p 26

He pressed the button to open the door.

It set off two chalk bombs, maybe more.


pp 27-28

Friends rushed in with ropes and a net.

Cornered, the robbers would  never forget

how glad they were when the cops fin’ly came

and broke up the children’s raucous game.


pp 29-30

Mum and Dad arrived, their faces sank,

but soon they knew who to thank.

Their own dear Ced had saved the day

and he said with delight ‘Book ‘em Serg, take them away!’

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